About Old Mutual Malawi

Old Mutual Malawi sold its first policy in 1954 and continues to sell life assurance, long-term savings and investment products. With over 300 000 customers, we have partnered with Malawians to contribute towards economic development in Malawi.
Why partner with Old Mutual Malawi

Our board of directors make sure we help our customers thrive by enabling them to achieve their lifetime financial goals, while investing their funds in ways that will create a positive future for them, their families, their communities and broader society.

Why partner with Old Mutual Malawi
Want to know more about our board of directors?Get to know who the Old Mutual directors are.
    • Dr. Ronald Mangani (Chairman)
    • Mr. Dumisani Muhlwa
    • Ms. Kerrin Land
    • Mrs. Innocentia Ottober
    • Mr. Kevin Gleeson
    • Mrs. Edith Jiya
    • Mr. Jim Nsomba
    • Innocentia Ottober (Chairperson)
    • Rachel Mijiga
    • Kevin Gleeson
    • Bernadette Mandoloma
    • Bridget Jumbe
    • Adrian Burke
    • Edith Jiya
    • Roy Punungwe
    • Mrs. Edith Jiya (Chairperson)
    • Mr. Alfred Majamanda
    • Mr. Jim Nsomba
    • Mrs. Edith Jiya (Chairperson)
    • Mr. Alfred Majamanda
    • Mr. Chancellor Kaferapanjira
    • Mr. Mark Mikwamba
    • Mrs Innocentia Ottober (Chairperson)
    • Mrs Rachel Mijiga
    • Mr. Ambrose Mzoma
    • Mrs. Edith Jiya
    • Edith Jiya (Group Chief Executive Officer)
    • Jim Nsomba (Finance Director)
    • Mark Mikwamba (Managing Director, OMIG Malawi)
    • Khumbo Phiri (Chief Operating Officer)
    • Chifundo Kalaile (Company Secretary/Corporate Governance Executive)
    • Patience Chatsika (Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager)
    • Tawonga Manda (General Manager, Old Mutual Pension Services Company)
    • Damien Kafoteka (Managing Director, MPICO)