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What is Group Life Assurance?

Old Mutual as a Life Assurance Company has consistently developed schemes which cover occurrences such as the death of a member, permanent total disablement of a member or accidental death. The products we provide are either linked to Pension Funds or as separate group schemes. Collectively these are known as “risk-benefit” products.
What's in it for you?

For the Defined Group Benefit cover:

  • Cost varies according to claims experience
  • Benefit increases in line with salary increases
  • Flat amount benefits need to be reviewed regularly
  • Costs may not be controlled
Group Life Insurance
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With profits:

  • These are pensions purchased from the insurer in exchange for capital at retirement/retrenchment/death
  • Such pensions are usually guaranteed for a specific term and thereafter, for life
  • Pensions cease upon the death of the member/spouse
  • Increases are awarded depending on the performance of the with-profits portfolio
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  • With all four options above you have the ability to select one or more of the following as an additional benefit. Payment of these benefits is subject to the provisions of the Pensions Act and other relevant laws in Malawi:

    Lump sum

    This is usually a multiple of salary but may also be a flat amount.

    Spouse's pension

    This can either be a percentage of the member's salary or a percentage of the member's accrued or prospective pension.

    Children's pension

    These are provided for in addition to a spouse's pension. Often the children's pension is doubled if there is no surviving spouse or if the spouse's pension ceases to be payable.

    Permanent disability benefit

    Benefits can also be provided in the form of an income or a capital sum. A waiting period applies to this benefit. The lump sum benefit can be a multiple of salary, flat amount or percentage of accrued or prospective pension. An income can be payable until normal retirement after which the normal retirement benefit would be payable.

    Evidence of health limits

    This is the threshold limit above which a customer is expected to provide medical evidence in order to be considered for cover in excess of this limit. The provision of Group Life Assurance benefits entails that Insurance Cover may be provided free of evidence of good health within certain limits. This means that an amount of cover calculated is related to the number of members in the scheme and the average amount of life assurance cover.

    Accidental death benefit

    This benefit is designed to provide an additional cash benefit in the case of death caused by an accident. This cover is available to individuals up to the age of 59 (i.e. before your 60th birthday). For this benefit to apply, death has to occur within 6 months of the accident and must be a direct result of that accident. The benefit is over and above the benefit provided by the underlying policy and can be added to all death cover policies.

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