Preserve your pensionSecure your financial wellbeing even when you're moving jobs.
corporate pension fund products
What is Pension Fund products?In today's world people often move between jobs, and sustained saving during one's working lifetime is the only way to secure financial wellbeing. The preservation of retirement benefits from a previous employer should be a first priority. There are two options available in the pension fund product range – the Defined Contribution Scheme (DC) and the Defined Benefit Scheme (DB).

What is Defined Contribution Scheme?

  • Member and Employer contribution rates are fixed as a percentage of salary.
  • Accumulated contributions are increased with interest to date of retirement.
  • Benefit funded by accumulated credit.
  • For more info on the Pension Fund Products please visit your branch or call +265 (0) 1 820 677.
What is Defined Contribution Scheme?
What is Defined Benefit Scheme?
  • Member contributions are fixed / employer contributions fluctuate
  • Actuarial valuations mandatory once every 3 years
  • Benefit is based on salary towards retirement, pensionable service and predetermined accrual rate (e.g. 2%)
  • Allows for the incorporation of spouses and children's benefits
  • Not recommended in inflationary environments
What is Defined Benefit Scheme?