Retire comfortablyWhen you preserve your retirement savings
from your previous employer.
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What is Protektor Preservation Fund?

In today's world, people often move between jobs and sustained saving during one's working lifetime is the only way to secure financial wellbeing. The preservation of retirement benefits from a previous employer should be your first priority; accessing any retirement benefit in cash during one's working lifetime should be a last resort.
How does Old Mutual Protektor work?

No amount is too small to preserve and it is never too early (or too late) to start saving. In fact, Old Mutual estimates that one needs to save a minimum of 15% of your income over a period of 40 years if one wants to have any chance of ensuring that there will be sufficient savings to maintain one's standard of living.

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What's in it for you?
  • Protektor is a cost-effective, easy to use preservation fund designed to help employees, when leaving a place of employment to preserve their retirement savings and ensure that their retirement planning remains on track
  • Protektor offers a pension fund option, which makes it possible to transfer benefits tax free from another registered pension fund
What's in it for you?
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  • The Preservation Fund does not include Life Cover.