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What is Private Wealth Management?

This is a tailor-made solution targeting individuals with the objective of securing their financial future. The funds are managed through structured portfolio management, balancing investor’s unique needs with capital market expectations. The service offering targets investments in listed equities, bonds and money market investments.

What's in it for you?
  • This is customized to individual’s unique needs as identified through the investor profiling process.
  • An open-ended contract with an option of full termination
  • You can partially disinvest but a 24 hours’ notice required and no penalty charged.
What's in it for you?
    Why choose Private Wealth Management
    Want to know more about Private Wealth Management?We have answered a few questions you might have but if you have more queries and want to speak to someone then call 01 820 677.
    • The return to be presented shall take into account all the applicable taxes i.e. only withholding tax and tax on realised capital gains and VAT on fees is taken into account.

    • The time weighted rate of return as approximated by Modified Dietz shall be presented.

    • Minimum investment amount of K10 million or contributions of at least K500,000/month.