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What is the Old Mutual Money Market?

The Old Mutual Money Market Fund is an efficient investment medium whereby investors can participate in a diversified portfolio of debt securities, cash holdings, fixed deposit instruments or near cash in the Malawi market (e.g. Treasury Bills and government bonds) while offering maximum security to the unit holders.
What's in it for you?

Up to 95% of the fund can be invested in interest-bearing assets with 5% in near cash deposits. Market conditions may prompt us to invest more in near cash deposits - up to 95%. The investment matrix includes term deposits, commercial paper and government securities with maturity of less than one year.

Money Market Fund
What about fund prices?
  • The price of the Old Mutual Money Market Fund is 100 Tambala* and remains static
  • The yield changes on a daily basis
  • Interest is calculated on a daily basis and credited to your account quarterly

*Tambala is the unit of the Malawian Kwacha. 100 Tambala = MK100.

What about fund prices?
    Why choose Old Mutual Money Market Fund
    Want to know more about Old Mutual Malawi Unit Trusts?We have answered a few of your investment questions, if you want to speak to an adviser, please call + 265 (0) 1 820 677.
    • For lump sum investments, you can buy units by calling our dealing desk on (+265) 01 820 677 between 7:30am and 4:30pm on any weekday (except holidays). We will send you an application form showing how much you need to pay. You can also download specific forms on our website. You must make your payment within four working days of the date on the application form or you should enclose a cheque with your application form, payable to:

      Old Mutual Unit Trust Company (Malawi) Limited

      Direct deposits and electronic transfers can be made to the following bank account:

      • Bank: Standard Bank
      • Branch: Corporate Banking Centre Branch
      • Branch code: 010125
      • Swift Code: CBICMWMX
      • Account Name: Old Mutual Unit Trust Company (Malawi) Limited
      • Account Number: 0140071005401


      • Please use your surname and initials as reference for the deposit or electronic transfer
      • Direct deposits and electronic funds transfers made into our account will only be processed on receipt of the cash and matching to a corresponding application form. Kindly deliver proof of payment to us
      • Cheque deposit values will only be accounted for on the day the cheque is cleared

      The fund is valued using the latest market closing prices on any particular day (this is known as the valuation point). The price you pay for units is set at the next valuation point after we receive your application form.

      We use the valuation point to calculate the price for units.

    • You will have the right to cancel your investment. We will give you a cancellation notice, which you need to fill in and return to us within the same day of your application submission.

    • To increase your investment, make a direct deposit into our account or send a cheque, payable to Old Mutual Unit Trust Company (Malawi) Limited with your instructions, and include your account number. The minimum top-up amount is MK30 000.

    • We will send you two statements each year, dated 30 June, and 30 December within one month of these dates. The statements will show any transactions during the period and the value of your investments as at the date of the statement.

      Our Fund Administration Team can also give you a valuation of your investments. You can call them from Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 4:30pm on (+265) 01 820 677. Fund prices are updated each day and are published in the newspaper and on this website.

      These statements provide details of each fund’s performance, an investment review for the reporting period, and details of the largest investments in the fund portfolio. We prepare all reports to investors in this format, but you can see the full report and accounts by contacting us and asking for a copy.

    • You can switch between funds at any time, as long as your investment in any fund does not fall below MK360 000. By switching between funds, you are actually selling and then buying units - you may have to pay fees if you switch from a fund with a lower entry fee than the fund you are buying into.

    • Write to us if you want to reduce or stop your monthly investment. You can only reduce monthly investments by multiples of MK5 000, down to the minimum payment of MK30 000 a month.

      If your account is worth more than the MK360 000 minimum, you can stop your contributions either temporarily or permanently.