What is the Old Mutual Investment Group?Old Mutual Investment Group(OMIG) - is an asset management and investment company of Old Mutual that offers our clients a full array of investment offerings, styles and asset classes. In Malawi we are Old Mutual Investment Group Limited, a subsidiary of Old Mutual Malawi Limited, a household name in Life Insurance, Investments and Unit Trusts. OMIG’s priority is to deliver performance through focus.
What is the Old Mutual Segregated Fund?

The Fund is managed as a standalone fund with assets held in its own right. Investment decisions are steered by OMIG and an appointed investment committee of the Fund’s trustees. Specific investment benchmarks are pre-agreed between the Fund and OMIG. The Fund monitors OMIG’s investment performance against agreed benchmarks on a periodic basis.

What is the Old Mutual Special Purpose Fund?
OMIG manages other Special Purpose Funds such as gratuity funds, trust funds, church funds, project funds, and any other specialised funds. A specific mandate is agreed upon to invest exclusively in or a combination of equity, fixed income and property portfolios as per the investment objectives and risk profile of the client dictates.

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What is the Old Mutual Interest-Bearing Assets Fund?

OMIG offers short-term savings/investments in the money market for companies and high net worth individuals. This low risk Fund seeks to preserve capital while providing liquidity and current income to investors. 

What is the Old Mutual Interest-Bearing Assets Fund?
What is Old Mutual Private Wealth Management?

This is a tailor-made solution targeting individuals with the objective of securing their financial future. The funds are managed through structured portfolio management, balancing investor’s unique needs with capital market expectations. 

The service offering targets investments in listed equities, bonds and money market investments.

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