Money lessons from
the Big Five
There's a lot we can learn from nature,
even money management!
personal financial education on the money

What is On The Money?

The On the Money Programme is a financial education initiative created to teach all Africans how to best manage their finances. The programme is based on the behaviours of Africa's Big Five animals. The unique characteristics of the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo, as found in nature, have been distilled to teach us how to manage our personal and family finances.
What’s in it for you?
  • Get to know what money personality you are and how to work with that
  • Understand the importance of changing your financial behaviour
  • You'll know how to break old habits that get in the way of your financial stability
  • Be able to establish new, healthy financial habits

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Big Five SecretsFind out the secret of each of the Big Five animals and apply it to your everyday money management.The Secret of the LionEat first ahead of the pack by committing to an automatic, fixed savings plan. This will help you change your spending patterns. Even if you save small amounts, you will be developing a savings habit.

The Secret of the Lion will help you:

  • Commit to a savings plan
  • Identify the minimum savings level you should have and how to achieve this
  • Identify different savings vehicles available to you
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The Secret of the LeopardHave a clear idea of your goals and what you are saving for. Be realistic - the leopard always aims for things it knows it can get.

The Secret of the Leopard will help you:

  • Record clear and specific short-, medium- and long-term visions that are realistic, achievable and inspiring
  • Understand the importance of reflecting on and researching your visions, and the best way to get support for achieving them
  • Use your visions to ensure easier and more consistent financial discipline
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The Secret of the RhinoGetting out of debt can be one of life's most difficult challenges, but it is also one of the most important things you can ever do. The rhino's weapon is to charge. When threatened, it looks for the biggest threat and charges, taking swift control of the situation. Learn from the rhino by charging down your debt as fast as you can.

The Secret of the Rhino will help you:

  • Plan and manage your debt
  • Identify the risk, pitfalls, limitations and unforeseen events that affect a budget
  • Understand how to charge down your debt
  • Explain the consequences of not having a good credit rating
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The Secret of the BuffaloThe mighty buffalo is deliberate and steady. It steadily grows and protects its herd, knowing its strength and future are in its numbers. Financial institutions invest your money to make it grow. Our lesson is that it's important to leave your investment for a long period of time - so it can grow. Choose investments that suit you and stick to them.

The Secret of the Buffalo will help you:

  • Understand why you have to invest to increase your assets
  • Understand the power of compound interest
  • List and explain the four financial options to save money
  • Know your rights when dealing with investment brokers and products
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The Secret of the ElephantKnowledge is power. The elephant never forgets. Human memory is a little unreliable. Proper record-keeping will help you understand your spending habits much better and how to change them to suit your income and future goals.

The Secret of the Elephant will help you:

  • Identify different kinds of expenses and how to manage them
  • Develop a family budget at least once a year
  • List a simple five-step budgeting process that works
  • Develop a plan to track difficult variable expenses using the elephant envelopes method
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