Eat first,
ahead of the pack
Helping you save like the king of the jungle.
personal financial education on the money secret of the lion

What is the Secret of the Lion

The Secret of the Lion is to eat first, ahead of the pack. You too should "eat first" and you do this by arranging an automatic deduction from your salary or wages. If you commit to an automatic, fixed savings plan, you will be forced to change your spending patterns. If you practice the Secret of the Lion, you will be well on your way to long-term financial security.

What's in it for you?

  • Teaches you to commit to a savings plan.
  • Helps you identify the minimum savings level you should have and how to achieve this.
  • Learn to identify different savings vehicles available to you.

Most people understand that they need to save, and they do save - but it's only “a bit” at the end of the month, or whenever they can. This doesn't always work, as there are always expenses that eat into this amount. The first secret of the Big Five is the Secret of the Lion.

    So, how do you save like a Lion?
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